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Challenge Apple iPhone, Dual-Core Windows 7 Phone to Launch

By Edward on Jan 4, 2011Hits :809Software News

Apple iPhone, Dual Core Windows 7, CES 2011, Microsoft Windows 7

Ocosmos, a company from South Korea will introduce a Dual-Core Windows 7 Phone at this week's CES 2011 to challenge Apple iPhone, this Windows 7 Phone is designed install Microsoft Windows 7 directly.

First Look at Windows 7 Phone 7.5 screenshots

By Joanna on May 20, 2011Hits :113Software News

Windows 7 Phone 7.5, Window 7 Phone, News for Windows 7 Phone, Windows 7 Phone mango

The moblie operating system, Windows Phone 7 as Microsoft coporation will have an significant innovation in the future.

Microsoft Provide Windows 7 Code to Russian Government

By May on Jul 8, 2010Hits :683Software News

windows 7 phone, free Office 2010, office 2012 beta, windows 8 theme

Microsoft agreed to share the code of Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server operating system and Office 2010 suite with Russian.

6 Matters You Should Know in Download and Install Windows 7

By victor on Feb 22, 2011Hits :446Software News

Download Windows 7 SP1 Laptop, Download Windows 7 SP1 Dasktop, Install Windows 7 SP1 Laptop, Install Windows 7 SP1 Dasktop

There are 6 matters you should know in the downloading and Istalling Windows 7 SP1 on Laptop and Desktop. You can check out the following article to see what matters you should know in downloading and Istalling Windows 7 SP1 on Laptop and Desktop.

Windows 7 New Theme: Glass Onion Make Windows 7 Quiet and

By Sakura on Apr 8, 2011Hits :352Software News

Windows 7, Windows 7 Interface, Windows 7 themes, Windows 7 download

Elune makes Windows 7 becomes simple and beautiful. Now another new theme is discovered. Glass Onion is designed by deviantART user named SolMiler. It has two themes: dusk and dawn...

Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 Slate are Coming This Year

By May on Jul 13, 2010Hits :814Cutting Edge News

Windows Phone 7, Windows 7 hp slate, windows 7 mobile, windows phone 7 series

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claimed there will be Windows Phone 7 and Windows 7 slate on the market this year.

Sony Ericsson First Windows Phone 7 Phone Julie with Sliding

By leo on Mar 7, 2011Hits :1324 News

Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 phone, Sliding QWERTY

Sony Ericsson first Windows Phone 7 phone is just coming and as the latest info, it is codenamed Julie and goes with sliding QWERTY keyboard. Here you can get some details of it.

Top 5 Bright Spots in Windows 7

By Aamina on Jun 30, 2010Hits :165Cutting Edge News

5 bright spots in windows 7, windows 9, windows 8 download, windows 7 sp2

Top 5 bright spots in Windows 7 includes XP mode, folder options, remote desktop connectivity and so forth.

Windows 7 Hits 10% Market Share

By rebecca on Apr 15, 2010Hits :86Cutting Edge News

windows 7, windows 7 market share

Windows 7 is the most successful Operation System released by Microsoft group. Only a few months since its release, Windows 7 gets 10% market share.

Top 9 Slickest Software for Windows 7

By Aamina on Apr 22, 2010Hits :498Cutting Edge News

Windows 7, Microsoft Windows, Slickest Software

In fact, there are nine slickest software including DivX Tech Preview, IE7 Pro and so on can make the famous Windows 7 more perfect.

More than 100 Million Windows 7 Licenses Sold in 6 Months

By May on Apr 26, 2010Hits :161Software News

Windows 7, Windows 7 sales, Microsoft Vista

300 million Windows 7 Licenses will be sold by the end of 2010, it has crossed the 100 million sales, and 10% of global PC has installed the system.

Is Windows 7 Stunting Mac Market Growth?

By Aamina on Apr 26, 2010Hits :1180Cutting Edge News

Apple Mac, Microsoft Windows, Windows 7

During the third quarter of this year, Microsoft Windows 7's growing rate of sale volume exceed Apple Mac's. Is Windows 7 stunting Mac marke growth?

New Look at Microsoft Windows 7, IE9 and Office

By May on Apr 26, 2010Hits :254Software News

Windows 7, IE9, Office 2007, Office 2010

It is claimed that Windows 7 will be sold 300 million copies by the end of 2010, and consumers can free update Office 2007 to Office 2010 now.

Windows 8 is Faster and Smaller than Windows 7

By rebecca on Apr 27, 2010Hits :2251Cutting Edge News

windows 8, windows 7

Rumors on Windows 8 are everywhere, some hold that Windows 8 is faster and smaller than Windows 7. While others hold that faster maybe but never smaller than Windows 7.

Windows 7 Thrives as Mac OS X and Linux are Weak Competitors

By May on Apr 28, 2010Hits :311Software News

Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux OS

Windows 7 has been good enough to counter Apple Mac OS X and Linux competition instead of Microsoft, and it is fastest-selling operating system by far.

Microsoft Brings Windows 7 to Other Devices

By Aamina on Apr 28, 2010Hits :153Software News

Microsoft Windows, Windows 7, Windows 7 embedded

This Tuesday, Mirosoft released Windows 7 embedded version, which can be used in TVs, set-top boxes, digital signs and other devices.

10 Most Annoying Defects of Windows 7

By May on May 2, 2010Hits :1605Software News

Windows 7, Windows 7 defects, AeroPeek, Windows Live Components

Although Windows 7's sales reached 100 million copies and PC market share exceeds 10%, it has 10 most annoying defects.

Windows 7 More Faster than Vista

By May on May 3, 2010Hits :237Software News

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Windows 7 has been mainly accepted since it was launched, and the market data shows that the application of Windows 7 is faster than Vista.

Downgrade Windows 7 to XP Not Allowed

By May on May 12, 2010Hits :900Cutting Edge News

Windows 7, downgrade Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 7 SP1

Microsoft would no longer allow users to downgrade a computer preloaded with Windows 7 to XP after Microsoft's release of Windows 7 SP1.

What's New in Windows 7 SP1?

By Aamina on May 18, 2010Hits :4792Software News

Windows 7 SP1, Microsoft Windows 7, Server 2008 SP2

The new changes in Windows 7 SP1 includes that to support efficient communications with third-party joint service, and so on.