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Ubuntu Linux

Dell: Windows Programs Can Run on Ubuntu Linux

By May on Jul 21, 2010Hits :127Cutting Edge News

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Dell has updated its "Windows or Ubuntu" page and will continue to develop PCs with both operating systems.

Touch-based Ubuntu OS to Access Tablet Next Year

By Aamina on Jun 12, 2010Hits :1891Linux News

ubuntu multitouch os tablet, multitouch on ubuntu, linux multitouch, ubuntu macbook multitouch

Canonical is developing the Ubuntu multitouch OS for tablet, which will be launched next year, this touch-based Ubuntu OS code-named "Maverick Meerkat", building on Ubuntu 10.10.

Linux Application Guide: Managing Ubuntu Users and Groups

By Wendy on Dec 21, 2010Hits :115Software News

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Linux application guide was designed to manage Ubuntu users and groups which is a very popular application. It is very simple to operate with, and today I will use the simple way to introduce how it works.

Is the Ubuntu a Windows 7 killer?

By Aamina on Apr 15, 2010Hits :354Linux News

Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.10

According to the present domestic situation, Microsoft has the dominance on the desktop. But in Mark's eyes, Microsoft's brilliant time is no longer, which means Ubuntu is a killer of Windows 7.

10 Reasons to Abandon Windows and Use Linux

By Aamina on Jul 26, 2010Hits :3276Linux News

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Maybe, there are ten reasons why Linux will take the place of Windows. Linux has the ability of commercial support and .NET support and so on.

Ubuntu 11.10 Called "Oneiric Ocelot".

By Sakura on Mar 8, 2011Hits :411Linux News

Ubuntu 11.10, ubuntu, Linux flash player 11, linux

The founder of the Ubuntu project Mark Shuttleworth has announced that the next version of the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system will be called Oneiric Ocelot.

Will Ubuntu Drop Firefox for Google Chrome?

By Aamina on May 17, 2010Hits :273Software News

Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Linux Ubuntu

Though Firefox is the present most popular browser in Linux desktop, but an newest news said that Ubuntu is likely to turn to Chrome.

Ubuntu May React to the Physical World

By Elaine on Sep 17, 2010Hits :50Software News

ubuntu 10.04, linux ubuntu, kubuntu

Canonical is experimenting with technology that could let users of future versions of Ubuntu control the operating system without an input device.

Ubuntu Hits Samsung Nexus S Google Android 2.3

By Edward on Jan 11, 2011Hits :458Software News

Google Android 2.3, Ubuntu Nexus S, Android 2.3, Ubuntu Linux

After hackers run Android 2.3 on iPhone 3G, there are some hackers run the ubuntu on the Samsung Nexus S, which run the Google Android 2.3.

SUSE Linux Buy out Rides on a Tiger Can Never Dismount

By Elaine on Sep 25, 2010Hits :50Media News

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VMware wants to buy Novell's SUSE Linux and open-source divisions.But it is a tough nut. Novell's board really wants to sell the identity management divisions at the same time, and no one wants to pay serious money for them.

Dell to Launch Ubuntu Light Netbooks

By Elaine on Oct 9, 2010Hits :279Mobile News

ubuntu 10.10, ubuntu light for netbooks, ubuntu linux light

The latest Ubuntu 10.10 operating system and Ubuntu Light for netbooks is coming. Consumers would be able to see Ubuntu Light-featured netbooks appearing in the channel within a month.

Ubuntu 11.04 Release Schedule: Ubuntu 11.04 May Delay to

By Wendy on Dec 21, 2010Hits :422Software News

ubuntu 11.04 release schedule, firefox 4.0 for ubuntu 11.04, ubuntu 11.04 alpha 1, ubuntu 11.04 root user

The Ubuntu 11.04 release will coming soon at the end of April 2011, and there is a Ubuntu 11.04 release schedule, and our article below can show you the detail schedule of ubuntu 11.04.

Fedora 13 Renovates User Management

By Aamina on Jun 23, 2010Hits :274Linux News

fedora 14, fedora 14 download, fedora 13 features, fedora 14 release time

The newest Fedora 13, released at the bottom of May, has renovated the user management function.

Will Chrome OS Threaten Ubuntu, Windows, Android?

By May on Jul 16, 2010Hits :365Cutting Edge News

google chrome os, linux ubuntu 10.10, android 2.2 droid, htc android 2.2

The rumor that Chrome OS to challenge Microsoft Windows operating system has never died down, and Chrome OS is mainly for the Netbooks.

Ubuntu 11.10 Features:Ubuntu 11.10 to Package GNOME 3 and

By Alicia on May 4, 2011Hits :996Software News

Ubuntu 11.10 Features, Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, download Ubuntu 11.10, update Ubuntu 11.10

Natty Narwhal is anticipated with considerable excitement, while now the Ubuntu 11.10 is to be released out, what are the differences.

Linux War: Fedora vs Ubuntu

By Aamina on Jul 21, 2010Hits :3342Linux News

fedora 14 download, fedora 13, ubuntu 10.10 features, ubuntu 11

Ubuntu can be considered as the king of Linux kingdom, while, Fedora offers an another way leading to freedom.

Linux Mint 9 Arrives

By May on May 19, 2010Hits :642Linux News

Linux Mint 9, New Software Manager, New Backup Tool, Ubuntu 10.04LTS

Linux mint 9 is based on the latest Ubuntu 10.04LTS operating system, carrying the same Linux kernel kernel and X. Org 7.4.

Ubuntu 11 Release Date Leaked

By Aamina on May 20, 2010Hits :30547Linux News

Linux OS, Ubuntu 11, Ubuntu 10.04

Today, the initial release schedule of three coming versions, including Ubuntu 11.04,Ubuntu 11.10, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is published.

Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 1 New Features

By May on Jun 7, 2010Hits :1624Linux News

Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 1, Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 2

Recently, Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 1 has been released, and Ubuntu 10.10 kernel version is Linux Kernel 2.6.34 -5 while the GNOME version is still 2.30.

Why Ubuntu to Delay Tablet PC?

By May on Jun 12, 2010Hits :241Linux News

touch screen tablet pc, linux ubuntu 10.10, chrome os free download, free apple ipad

Although Apple iPad is popular at present, Google Chrome, Novell SUSE and Canonical Ubuntu have not intended to take the Tablet PCs in the first place.